A D Restorations 
Classic and Vintage Vehicle Restorations and Repair
Mechanical Repair 

Mechanical repairs could be anything to do with steering, suspension, brakes, engine or transmission, and the job could be a small as replacing brake pads to a fully engine rebuild. We have a fully equipped workshop and machine shop to meet the requirements of most tasks.
Full Restoration 
Generally this means the vehicle is completely stripped down, where appropriate the body is separated from the chassis, all suspension and steering components are removed as well as the engine and transmission. 
All components are cleaned and checked for wear where required components are repaired or replaced. Modern bushes are used to replace the original rubber ones, this improves handling and ride. 
The chassis is sand blasted and checked for corrosion, all effected area are replaced with new metal which is welded in, generally the chassis is spray pained with a rubberised paint which is resistant to chipping. 
The body is taken back to bear metal, all corroded areas are cut out and replaced with new formed metal, in extreme cases some panels may need to be replaced. The body is then fully prepared for painting. 
The Engine and transmission are stripped and there condition is fully assessed, works to the engine and transmission can range from general tide up and service to component replacement and machining, which ever it is the engine and transmission will be thoroughly cleaned and painted. 
The interior can range from a deep clean to a complete re-upholster dependant on condition. 
The fit up is where all the hard work comes together and you can start to see the fruits of our labour, where appropriate we you stainless steel nuts and bolts, all panel gaps and lines are checked to ensure the vehicle you get is exactly what you wanted it to be. 

Machanical repairs
Full Restorations
Repairs & Re-Sprays
Auto Electrics
Repairs and re-sprays 

Whether is a touch up or a repair and re-spray we have the facilities to produce a quality job. 
All full re-sprays start with a paint strip, its the only way to ensure all the corrosion has been found and removed. We trend to use modern paints, but if authenticity is important to you we can use period paints. All spray work is baked on completion thus reducing drying time. 


If you are intending to use your classic as a daily drive you may want to consider upgrading items like, brakes, suspension, adding power steering, even consider a replacement engine and drive train. 
All these upgrades add to your driving pleasure without detracting from the look of your classic vehicle. With today congested roads it great to drive a classic like an MGB GT but with brakes that will stop you, an engine you are not constantly worried about dying and transmission that allows you to cruise a motorway speeds which decent fuel economy.

Getting your classic ready for the summer is a must, we can check you vehicle over, service engine and brakes, top up all the fluids and generally check that you classic is ready to be shown off. 


Vehicle electrics are so often overlooked but they cause more faults that any other failure, sometimes these faults can lead to fires and the complete destruction of your classic. 
We can diagnose and repair all electrical faults no matter how big or small, we can add modern accessories and ensure that there are wired in correctly.  

Your classic vehicle is something special, its something you love and cherish, its also something that is very easy to steal. 

With classic car prices rising there is an ever growing market for classic vehicles being stolen to order. Is you classic alarmed? If not you may want to consider having us fit a modern immobilising alarm and tracker. Even if the thief lifts your car to steal it there’s no getting away from the tracker and police to recover your pride and joy in no time. It’s also a saving on your classic insurance.