A D Restorations 
Classic and Vintage Vehicle Restorations and Repair
At A D Restorations we are dedicated to quality and run the business accordingly. We ensure that all works we carry out are completed to the very highest standards, we don’t accept a “that will do” job, it’s just not us. 
As a father and son business; we carry out all works at our workshop at Stoke Hammond, near Milton Keynes, with the exception of sand and soda blasting. We only ever work on a couple of restorations at a time, so you can rest assured that if we say we are going to do your vehicle we will do it, we won’t ever take a deposit and leave you vehicle waiting under a tarpaulin like some companies. We will send you weekly photo updates of the progress of your vehicle and of course you are always welcome to pop in and see how it’s going. 

We have restored all manner of vehicles from 1930 Bentley Blowers to Mini’s all are treated the same, we are happy to visit you to discuss your restoration to understand your expectations and the budget you have to work with, we understand that not all of our customers are millionaires and work with all our customers to agree a payment plan for the duration of the restoration.
On full restorations we will produce a draft program so you are fully aware of the expected progress, this will be updated weekly and re-issued to show actual progress against the target program, this will allow you to track progress against our targets and serve as an early warning of any delays. 

We understand that we have a wide range of customers some just want to give us the vehicle and don’t want to see it until it’s complete, others will visit regularly to see what we are doing and to understand the processes being undertake on there vehicle. 
We actively encourage customers to visit our workshop so they can see us at work, you’ll always get a tea or coffee and a chat about your vehicle and any other subject for that matter, we will happily explain the processes we are undertaking on your vehicle, we never forget it’s your vehicle.